Staying Active in the Winter

Well, here it is… my very first official blog post! I’ve been sitting here for the past 10 minutes trying to think of a perfect first sentence, but honestly this isn’t anything professional and I’m just gonna write down the first things that come to mind when I write.

Now back on topic… does anyone else find it hard to find the motivation to do any sort of physical activity during the winter? Or am I the only one? I mean going to dance or the gym in the winter is amazing because it gets you so warm and you work up a sweat (and you feel good about yourself 😉 )  but just getting myself all bundled up to leave the house to step out in the cold to actually get to the facility (I hate myself for using that word but I’m just gonna keep it) is already such a turn off for me and I usually just end up staying at home in my bed catching up on my latest youtube subscriptions. AND when you’re actually done at the gym — the feeling of being all hot and sweaty and then continuing to sweat as you sit in the car in your jacket on the way home is such an uncomfortable and disgusting feeling.. noo that’s definitely not for me. I mean most gyms have showers but I’ve never heard of a dance studio that has it’s own shower/washroom.

However, surprisingly I have found a winter sport that I do enjoy doing outside. I love cross country skiing! I honestly have no clue what makes me love it so much now because when I watched people at home in Canada cross country ski I always thought it was so boring. You just slide your legs forward one at a time and use poles to help push you. Sounds extremely exciting, right? No. I truly just think it’s something about the peacefulness when you cross country ski at a low intensity level. [In my case it’s peaceful because I always ski through a beautiful forest and you don’t hear any cars anywhere.] I just have so much time to think about everything in life, past present and future. And the best part is that while I’m thinking about so many things I’m being active, inhaling fresh air and can feel good about myself. You can also talk and have an understandable conversation when you cross country ski. I go with my Oma all the time.. obviously not the most exciting skiing partner but we talk so much and it’s great bonding time. So if you’re wondering who took these photos of me…that’s who. She was also able to take about 30 continuous shots of my first fall of two today.

What I also love is that it’s free to cross country ski! All you need is the equipment, snow and a route. Obviously you have to buy the equipment but it’s quite affordable. The majority of the other winter sports are much more expensive and you only have a certain amount of time. Downhill skiing, you have to pay for your time on the slopes and skating you have to pay for your time in the rink. And that each time you go! Buying your cross country ski equipment is a one time thing and then you don’t have to pay another cent after that. Therefore very affordable.

I’m not quite sure what else to say about cross country skiing without making this post extremely boring. I guess I just wanted to share this unusual interest and love I have for this winter sport. To some people this is probably some uninteresting post about cross country skiing but what makes this such a big thing for me is that it’s surprising that I do a winter sport in the snow and in the cold. I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind the cold and the snow as long as I’m inside with warm blankets and either a hot tea or a hot chocolate!

So I’m gonna wrap up my first blog post here! If you made it to thank you that’s awesome and thank you for reading! I’m definitely going to be posting once a week if not twice so don’t forget to check back every now and then. Also if you’re not already you should definitely follow me on Instagram @dominick_jones shameless self promo right there. At the top of the page on the right you will find a direct link!

So yeah, bye.. I guess. I don’t really know how to end a blog post to be honest. Do I write my name at the bottom? Maybe my website name? I have no clue.

Dominick Jones

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