A Weekend in Munich, Germany

I’m over exaggerating it just a bit when I state “A Weekend in Munich” because in all reality it was only 25 hours…just to let you know if you question. Anyways, I thought I’d just throw this blog post in here, for anyone who’s interested in knowing what an 18 year old is up to on a weekend.


I left my little German hometown Friday afternoon on the train at around 15:54 and arrived in Munich at 18:11. I had two minutes, 2 flights of stairs and a bunch of people to sprint through before getting my connecting train to Munich. Surprisingly I beat the clock, flew up and down the stairs and managed to dash by tons of people on a minuscule platform catching my connection. 

Right when I got to Munich I met up with someone and went out to dinner at a chain restaurant called “my indigo”. Honestly one of the best chain restaurants I’ve ever been to in Germany and Canada. It’s a self serve soup/stew asian cuisine where you choose from a wide variety of soups and then choose from either rice, noodles or couscous as the side. I had a coconut type stew chilli bowl (to be honest I kind of forget what I had) with couscous and roasted nuts. Tasted delicious and I’ll definitely be going back — do recommend!

After dining, we met up with anther friend and went to Mezzanotte Wine Bar and shared a bottle of Rosé. Mezzanotte is a great place for friends to hangout, chat and have a drink because the atmosphere is just so chilled and relaxed, with candles, dimmed lighting and comfortable couches to lay back on.

Negroni Bar München was our next stop for just a quick drink. A little loud and it took the server some time to acknowledge us, however the drinks are amazing. They serve “classic & modern” cocktails and have a mediterranean food menu. I only had the “East Negroni” drink which is made up of juices, ginger beer and gin, giving it a sweet and spicy kick. Also loved this bar and give it a full 5 stars.


My Saturday consisted of a whole lot of walking, saying “no thanks, I’m just browsing” about a thousand times and spending way to much money. I spent about 6 hours promenading through the Marienplatz going in and out of shops trying to find something I could fritter my money on. Remarkably, I found a green jacket and denim-style dress shirt in Zara that I bought.

For Lunch, I stopped by BYOO Organic Kitchen for a healthy, vegan, 13,50 Euro meal consisting of mixed salads, red beets and two vegan “hamburgers”. Good, but way overpriced…I didn’t even have a drink with it.

After about 6 hours downtown Munich, I met up with my friend and we went to “Die Kuchenwerkstatt” (The Cake Factory) to pick up some fresh cake and we went back to his place and had the cake with tea. I had the blueberry crumble, he had the NY cheesecake. Both were exceptionally delicious.

My train left at 18:28 and now I sit here writing this blog post using the complimentary free wifi on the ICE train..that surprisingly works decently.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Comment anything down below.. I’d appreciate it a lot and thank you so much!

– Dominick Jones (domijones)









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