Reasons why you should Travel Alone

I think it’s quite reasonable to question whether or not you should undertake your next vacation with friends, family or on your own. There are so many mixed opinions on the topic of travelling solo.. some find it embarrassing, some find it boring and some just regard it as unsafe (which I do see as a valid point). But there are so many positives to being unaccompanied that we should all take into recognition before we plan our next excursions.

1. Makes everything easier

There’s so much freedom when you travel alone, making everything honestly so much easier. Booking flights, hotels and activities all for one person is much easier than booking for two or three people. We all know the struggle of trying to get seats next to one another on a plane. Sitting by yourself while your two friends get to sit with each other behind you really sucks.

2. You make all the decisions

When you travel alone you can make all your own decisions and you don’t have to make any compromises for anyone. Meaning that you can spend as much or as little time as you want anywhere. To me that means, spending about 15 minutes in the old historic museums and about 4 hours shopping! This also means you choose what restaurants and what kitchens you want to dine in. I hit up all the vegan and vegetarians restaurant and no one is there to complain :).

3. Opportunity to meet new people

If you’re a shy, awkward, introvert like me you’re probably thinking about skipping this point, but wait and just keep reading. If you’re alone, you’ll probably meet someone new…at a bar, cafe, shopping or doing an activity in a group, there’s always new faces and someone’s gonna strike up a conversation with you. So for those shy people like me, don’t worry, someone will definitely talk to you. Most likely a little tipsy, but who cares.. that makes it a little more fun! 😉

Also, if you’re travelling with people you know, you’re less inclined to go off on your own and meet new people because you’re  gonna want to stay with you group.

4. So much “Me Time”

Travelling solo gives you so much time for yourself. A getaway from stress, family, friends, work.. really everything you’re known to. You can take a break from what you’re used to and experience a new setting for a change. No one is there to annoy you, ask you for something, get you to do anything which is such an amazing feeling.

And as cliché and cheesy as it sounds.. life changing decisions can be made on trips alone. I mean it happened to me.. I went to Berlin for 2 weeks alone and had so much time to think about my life and changed my entire career path and what I want to go to university for. I completely changed directions and I’m so happy I made the switch. It really gives you time to stop and reflect on your life, and I truly think everyone needs to look back on what they’ve accomplished and think about where they see themselves in the next five years.

5. Boosts you confidence level

I’m not the most confident person and taking a trip to a huge city that’s not familiar to me for two weeks alone did make me a little uneasy before I departed. I had worried so much before and right when I got there, but once I started getting used to my new setting I slowly started feeling less nervous everyday as I walked the streets of Berlin alone.

Travelling solo and not being with people you know gives you so much opportunity to stretch your comfort zone. Lots of people (myself included) don’t do certain things because we’re scared of what people of think of us. BUT if you’re alone, you’ll have nothing to worry about because most of the people you see on you’re vacation you’ll never see again and to be forward they could care less about you and what you do.

Alternative Idea

If you’re still not convinced that you should take atleast one trip in your life alone, maybe make a point to spend atleast one or two days alone on your trip. Split from your family or group of friends and go do your own thing for  even just a couple hours!


I honesty think it’s worthwhile to take a vacation on your own and “treat yourself”. It really is treating yourself because you have no one to worry about other than yourself. Choose your dream destination, book one ticket and just go off and explore it on your own. Take an evening and have a nice dinner somewhere and use that time to reflect on your life. I KNOW this sounds super cheesy, but it really really does help I promise you! I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t think everyone needs time for themselves in a place they’re not used to.

Ok I’m done! I hope you enjoyed and maybe comment down your dream destination! Mine are Santorini and Iceland.

– Dominick Jones (domijones)



  1. February 13, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    lol same here with that 15 minutes in the old museums and 4 hours shopping thing. except i can’t travel alone. 🙁

    • Dominick Jones
      February 13, 2017 / 6:46 pm

      Haha Yes! The moment will come soon, when you are able to travel alone, don’t worry!

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