Ways to Maintain Long Distance Friendships

Maintaining a long distance friendship is extremely hard, no matter if you’re only a 2 hour drive or an entire atlantic ocean apart. But there are so many small things you can do, thanks to our new technology, that’ll help you keep in touch from a distance and avoid future awkward encounters with your “best friend”. Here are some things that I do to connect with my best friends living on the other side of the world:


Ok, “constantly” is overdoing it a bit but I mean texting your friends atleast every other day and giving updates on what you’ve been doing or spilling the newest drama helps keep you connected. Not gonna lie, but I love reading about the latest drama going on back home.. kind of gives me a little adrenaline rush when I read haha!


With all these new apps making it so much easier to connect with people, a lot of us barely even use the original  “call” feature anymore. With calling your best friend, you can put a voice behind the text messages! And honestly, calling gives your thumbs (or index finger if you’re older than 30) a break and you can talk about so much more. I can go hours talking on the phone with my best friends, and we talk about literally everything.


Put a face behind the voice and FaceTime! That sounds weird, but what I mean is instead of just calling, use the video features to see each other live. I personally don’t like using Skype because it takes to much time and effort to set up.. so instead I use WhatsApp Video which works so much better.

This is also gonna sound kind of weird too, but cook and eat dinner “together” on FaceTime. Make the same meal and have a little dinner date to put a little twist on the usual FaceTime dates!


Yes! I do recommend using Snapchat, even if you’re not a teen. I’ve hear of and know some older people that use Snapchat, so don’t be embarrassed to download because Snapchat is for anyone! I love snapping and keeping my streak going with my friends because it’s so easy to use and I get to see their “lovely” filtered faces everyday haha. Plus, you can put text on the images and have regular chats which is practical.


There are tons of hilarious Instagram and Facebook posts that can be so relatable! So why not tag your best friend in the comments section so they can see it to and have a laugh. Maybe some relate to something funny you and your best friend have done together and now it’s an “inside joke”! Doing this keeps my “inside jokes” with my friends going and keeps me feeling close to them.


I mean flights can be so expensive and not everyone can afford to buy plane tickets every couple of months (…trust me I know) but it’s so important to see each other atleast once or twice a year. Even if it is only once a year.. once is obviously better than never. Try and extend your trips by a couple of weeks so you have a lot of time to spend together to really make it worth the distance!


I just named a few but there are so many more things people can do to stay in touch with friends who live across the world. It’s amazing how technology has changed and how it can keep us stay connected so easily!


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