10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Germany

Why the heck not book your next travel destination to Germany? Whether it’s a couple of hours, a day, a week or a month, I guarantee you that every second you’re here will be worth it. There’s things to do for everyone and there won’t ever be time that you’re bored. Unless you’re a teen being dragged into a museum by your parents.. then that’s a different story.

If you’re still not convinced that Germany should be your next destination, then continue you reading. I bet I can change your mind. I mean just look at this photo of this beautiful old german street. How are you not already convinced !?

Cute old german street with lots of history. In the winter time with snow laying on the roof. Germany Europe

1. Central Europe

Germany is pretty much right smack dab in the middle of Europe, which gives you quick easy access to all the other European countries. Take a 4 hour train ride to Vienna, 7 hour bus to Paris or even a 2 hour plane ride to Rome (these travel durations are all estimated and it obviously depends on where exactly you are staying in Germany!). And cheap too! Students don’t forget to ask for the student discounts, they make everything so much more affordable!

2. Bakeries and Confectionery 

Delicious baked goods at a german bakery. Tumblr style

On every corner in the big German cities there is a bakery. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, I’m not kidding! And unlike the majority of the bakeries in the United States, these bakers wake up between 4 and 5 am and starting baking fresh everyday. They fill their shelves with freshly baked pretzels, baguettes, bread, cakes and so much more. A lot of the bakeries will replace the ‘goods’ after a certain amount of time of sitting, so they can always serve their customers fresh.

3. Beautiful Old Architecture 

The people who follow me on my Instagram can see that I have an obsession for buildings and streets. I’ve been trying to hold back lots on posting pictures of only architecture! I could just take a million pictures from a bunch of different angles of the old buildings and never get bored. I bet you, that your home town doesn’t have beautiful architecture to this level, so that’s why you gotta take a trip over here so you can check it out for yourself!

4. Delicious Food

Classic German kitchen is delectable. Lots of Wiener Schnitzel, sauerkraut, sausages, spätzle, maultaschen and so much more and just mouthwatering. Not really optimal for all my veggie friends (I call vegetarians ‘veggies’ FYI), but all the side dishes without the meat are just as good.

Also, Italian kitchen is pretty big here too. So many Italians come to Germany and open up restaurants, serving classic original Italian food. Once you go to an Italian restaurant here, you’re never gonna want to go back to East Side Mario’s again!


Are you convinced yet that your next vacation should be in Germany? No? Keep reading, I’m sure you’ll be planning your next trip once you’ve hit reason 1o! 

5.  Ice Cream Cafés 

delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream in Germany on an old street. Tumblr inspired

Like I said before, Italians came to Germany and opened up many many restaurants. But, not only did they open up restaurants, they opened up ice cream cafés too. Amazing cafés, with a variety of delicious flavours ranging from A to Z. Cheap too! A scoop ranges anywhere between 60 cents to 1 Euro. My favourites are Cinnamon, Coconut, Mango, or just a classic chocolate. Weird.. I know.. judge all you want 😉

You can take your ice cream in a cone, or you can take a seat and order you ice cream from a menu. Each shop is different and have so many different creations that you can choose from. They usually come with some sort of topping that goes well with the ice cream flavours. Usually, a cookie or lots of fresh fruit.

6. Drive as fast as you want

This may not be the most exciting point, but for the people who love cars and get an adrenaline rush from driving fast, then you definitely need to come to Germany and test out driving on the highways. There are no speed limits on the major highways, giving you so much freedom. There are some highways, or parts of highways that do have a limit which you have to watch out for, but other than that you’re free to cruise at a speed of your liking.

7. Christmas markets

Christmas market in Germany Europe with many ginger cookies

Christmas time here in Germany is like a Disney movie to me. Every house, street, stairway is magically decorated with christmas decorations and lights. Christmas music on every radio station, Christmas treats in every store window and Christmas movies playing on the TV every night.

But what tops it off, are the Christmas markets. There are markets big and small in every German city, so don’t worry you don’t have to be in a certain city to experience them. The ones in the larger cities are more exciting (I find), but are usually over crowed with people on the weekends. And, every markets sells ‘Glühwein’ aka. glowing wine aka. mulled wine which you have to try. It’s a warm red wine mixed with a bunch of different spices. To me, it’s Christmas in my mouth!

8. Oktoberfest 

Oktoberfest is a traditional fall Volksfest in Munich aka. München held at the end of September until middle of October (hence the ‘Oktober’ part). On the Theresienwiese, in Munich, there are tons of tents filled with lots of people, eating lots of food and drinking litres at a time of beer. Music is played throughout the tents by bands and a lot of people enjoy dancing. Also, for the kids OR the adults that are still kids at heart, there are rides too. Nothing to crazy, but it’s still fun!

Plus if you go, you gotta get yourself either a Dirndl Dress or Lederhosen and wear them there. You’ll look like a local and fit right in!

9. The Mountains & the Alps

Beautiful Breathtaking picture of the Alps in Austria and Germany with a river running through the mountains.

Along with the big beautiful cities, just on the southern edge of Germany bordering Austria and Switzerland are the mountains and the Alps. They’re just breathtaking and I love relishing the views, however skiing and hiking them is literally breathtaking and works up a sweat, but it’s so worth it! You definitely won’t get something like this back home, so if you like skiing and snowboarding, the German, Austrian and Swiss Alps are the place to do that.

10. Fasching / Karneval

Karneval Fasching Mardi Gras in Germany. Two costumes with big masks waving

If you come to Germany in February, then you’re just in time for ‘Fasching”, which is also known as ‘Karneval’, which is also known as Mardi Gras. Lots of parties and parades happen with people dressed up in crazy costumes and wear creatively constructed masks. The biggest parties and parades happen in Cologne, so if you like traditional and big then celebrate there!

P.S make sure you bring bags to the parades because they throw candy from the floats 😉


Now that I’ve got you convinced, time to start booking your dates, flights and accommodation! If you want to travel cheap I suggest you check out Airbnb. You’ll find great places to stay for such affordable prices.

I promise if you travel to Germany you’ll love it and never want to leave (unless you’re taking a small trip to a neighbouring country of course). Compared to other countries, Germany is a pretty affordable tourist country and truly has something for everyone to do.

If I’ve convinced you and you’ve decided to come to Germany, then I wish you safe travels and have an amazing trip. You won’t forget it!

If you have an questions (or experiences) about Germany or travelling feel free to share in the comment section and I’ll be happy to reply!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta



  1. Christy Hilley
    March 11, 2017 / 2:59 am

    Dominick, it has been 2 decades since I was stationed in Germany. Your blog took me back in time. I have always wondered if Germany is still the same. All the things I love about Germany were part of your blog! It is a totally different world but an awesome one!


    • Dominick Jones
      March 11, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing! Germany is so beautiful, and there are too many places here that I haven’t seen/experienced yet. I honestly just want to travel the rest of my life and see as much of the world as I can. Life is too short to stay at home!

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