Accutane Acne Treatment (Isotretinoin) Week 5 Update

I’ve officially been on Isotretinoin (10mg/day) for 5 weeks. If you are unaware of what Isotretinoin is, it’s the drug used in Accutane to help get rid of your pimples and acne.

Have there been improvements from day 1? Yes, major improvements. Have there been improvements from last week? I don’t really think so.

So what’s changed?

From day 1 a whole lot. From last week nothing really. I honestly think my face got a little worse from last week, with more red pimples around my forehead and on my cheeks. The old ones from a week or two ago got replaced with new ones (sadly!).

However, I think my acne has gotten better. The only problems are the pimples. Along my neck the acne really cleared up, with only a couple problems still along my jaw line. The acne that was all over my cheek bone has been dried out. It’s not fully gone, because the pores there are still pretty big.

I’m assuming that the Isotretinoin is pushing out all the dirt and oils that are stuck deep inside my pores, so that’s why it’s gotten worse. Maybe this is like the final push getting it all, and it’ll all go uphill from here. That would be amazing! I dream of a perfect clear face.

I just hope I don’t have/get any acne scars because then I’ll have to deal with that after which won’t be fun. It’s so hard to not push out all the blackheads. It’s so addicting… I know it sounds gross, but to everyone who has had blackheads, you can relate right?!

Staying on the topic of blackheads… they’re still on my nose and under my eyes as big and as noticeable as ever. I haven’t seen any changes there yet.

Noticing anymore side effects of Isotretinoin?

Oh yes. Dry dry dry everything. I’m pretty sure I said that last time to, but it’s gotten so much worse in one week. The Isotretinoin really drys out your entire body.

My lips have started cracking like crazy. No matter how much Lip Balm from Burt’s Bees I put on, my lips will be dry again the next hour. Honestly, there isn’t much you can do to change this. You just have to get through it.

I started noticing that my hands have gotten really dry too. The oddest thing happen though. A bunch of tiny red spots started appearing on the top of my hands. I had washed my hands in the work bathroom and returned to my seat and I had noticed them. The spots lined themselves up perfectly and were spaced out equally. They weren’t itchy though, which was good.

I had this random hand creme with me and that had helped a little. But my all time favourite hand creme is any creme from Nivea. So soft and nourishing on the hands. If you’re interested in a basic Nivea hand creme that works perfectly, click here!

Another weird place that’s starting to get dry are my ear lobes. Random, I know, but true! I’ll just start putting on my Nivea Day Creme on them and hope that works.

Day 1 and after 5 weeks of being on Isotretinoin: 

Cute gay teen standing in bathroom taking a selfie acne pimples accutane isotretinoin

So you’ll notice that from Day 1 to now it has gotten better. If you check out last weeks post, you’ll see that there aren’t that many big changes. Only that some of the pimples that were on my face last week have disappeared, but have been replaced by new ones in new spots.

I will say this though, my food choices haven’t really been the greatest lately. I admit that I have been eating to much chocolate and cheese which are both milk products. And if you didn’t know, in a lot of cases milk products can cause pimples to break out. I notice that if I eat a lot of milk products, I start breaking out lots in my forehead areas.

I had actually first noticed that when I went to Berlin. For breakfast I had cheese on my fresh bun every morning AND a bowl of yogurt with fruit. And before I went to Berlin, the pimples on my face were how they usually were, but after 2 weeks the right side of my forehead was covered. That’s how I came to the conclusion that my body is sensitive to milk.

I started buying lactose-free cheese and almond/soya milk which taste just as good. I was never a fan of soya milk, after trying it twice at my cousins house, but for some reason now, it’s not that bad and I drink it every morning!


like I say in every treatment post, I’m happy with the improvements that my face has made, and I’m excited to see what my face will look like in 6 months!




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