World’s Most Delicious Brownies: Chewy Inside & Crusty Outside

I say this with modesty but, if there’s one thing I can bake really well, it’s definitely brownies. It’s an extremely easy brownie recipe and I don’t do anything out of the ordinary to make them taste amazing. I think it’s just the simplicity of the recipe and the way they’re prepared that makes them turn out delicious and better each time.

I decided that I’d share “my” brownie recipe with the rest of the world because I want everyone else to be able to experience theses crusty-on-the-outside-and-chewy-on-the-inside brownies. In no way do I take any credit for this recipe. I’m pretty sure I just found it on the side of a cocoa powder package a long time ago and have stuck to this recipe ever since.


6 table spoons of dark cocoa powder

1/4 cup of butter

3/4 cup of sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

1/3 cup of flour

pinch of salt

walnuts or pecans (optional)

Step 0.5: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahenheit

Step 1: melt the 1/4 of butter either in the microwave or on the stove. Once melted mix the melted butter and cocoa powder in a bowl by hand or with a mixer. (I use mixer to make sure everything is dissolved and smooth)

cocoa powder and melted butter being mixed together in a white bowl by a handmixer making brownies

Step 2: Add the 3/4 cup of sugar to the butter/cocoa powder mixture. Mix mix mix until the ingredients are all combined and the batter has stiffened.

white granulated sugar being poured into a brownie mixture being mixed in a white mixing bowl by a hand mixer sitting the kitchen counter chocolate

Step 3: Add your two eggs to the batter, and mix until they are completely combined.

2 eggs white and yolk in a brownie batter being mixed together

Step 4: Add the flour, pinch of salt and vanilla to the brownie batter. The batter should stiffen.

Step 5: Add the pecans or walnuts for an extra crunch!

walnuts in a brownie batter with a pink spatula

Step 6: Prepare you baking pan by greasing the bottom and sides with a thick layer of butter. Then lightly sprinkle the pan with cocoa powder or flour.

brownie batter pan greased with butter for baking and cocoa powder

Step 7: Put your brownie batter into the pan and make sure the batter is evenly spread.

Brownie batter in a greased dish. smooth chocolate

Step 8: Put your brownies in the over for 35-40 minutes

And these are the finished brownies. They look and taste delicious and I could probably eat the whole dish. Don’t worry, I don’t because I like to share them because I’m a nice person 🙂 It’s such a simple restaurant and they’re done (including preparation and baking) in an hour. Plus, there aren’t that many ingredients and the ingredients that you need are very cheap. Again.. perfect for students!

delicious chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts sitting on a transparent plate with a white background. Decadent sweet dense brownies

I hope you try them out and if you do let me know how they taste!


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