3 Month Isotretinoin Acne Experience Update

Today’s the 10th of May, which means April is obviously over, which also means I’ve been on the medication Isotretinoin for 3 full months. One, I seriously can’t believe it’s already MAY 2017, and two I seriously can’t believe I’ve been taking this medication for three months. I feel like I was just celebrating New Years a week ago?

Anyways, I had quit doing weekly updates about my acne, because there weren’t any major changes to my face. Therefore, it wasn’t necessary to write up a full blog post each time about how a pimple moved from my chin to my forehead and vice versa.

However, like I said we’ve hit three months of the treatment and now it’s time for an update.


On the face

There haven’t been any major changes to my face. Like I said in previous posts, usually a couple pimples appear here and there…they go away and reappear somewhere else on my face. It’s a constant battle that the pimples seem to be winning against the isotretinoin. I hope they surrender to the isotretinoin sometime.

On the body

I’m happy to say that all the acne that was on my back, shoulders and chest are gone. The spots in those areas weren’t to bad, however still noticeable. They cleared up fairly quick, thanks to the isotretinoin.

Isotretinoin Side effects

The side effects didn’t change at all. Dry lips are the biggest problem and I’m still getting headaches here and there, but headaches can be caused by so many things, therefore I can’t say that the headaches are definitely coming from the Isotretinoin pills.

How I’m Eating

I will admit that my eating habits haven’t been the healthiest lately. I have given into eating chocolate and pralines at nights and maybe shared a bag of chips with my mom. Obviously not the healthiest options, which is most likely a cause of some of the blemishes. I had actually skimmed over a pin on Pinterest and the title of it was something along the lines of “signs you’re eating to much sugar” and included a pictures of spots along the side of a persons neck.

That had got me thinking and I totally agree with that Pinterest pin now. I realized that the more sugar and dairy I eat, the more bumps appear on my neck. It really sucks that dairy products cause the breakouts too, because I recently started using milk in my cereal and eating vanilla yogurt again. I totally forgot how amazing real milk tastes in my cereal because I’ve been using soy milk the whole time. I mean soy milk isn’t bad, but it definitely doesn’t compare to 3.5% milk.

Photo Comparison from February to now:

Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for. Both pictures were taken after I had washed my face. Obviously the lighting conditions aren’t the same, however you can definitely tell that there’s a difference from before taking Isotretinoin to after three months of being on it.

Also, please don’t mind the face expression.. I know it’s not the most attractive. 

cute teen boy taking staring into camera straight on comparison acne pimples blackheads isotretinoin accutane treatment testing

Clearly, all the acne isn’t gone nor do I think it will be for another couple of months, however it’s gotten noticeably better. I’m extremely pleased with the results I’ve gotten from this pill and am excited to see how my skin will be in the next couple of months. Hopefully the summer sun will help speed up the process.

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Comment down your acne story/experience down below. I’d love to read about it and what you did/are doing to get rid of it! 



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