3 Week Trip Back Home to Canada

Hello friends! So I’m finally getting around to writing this blogpost about my time back home in Canada. So sorry for the delay! I just wanted to keep my laptop in it’s case while I was at home, so I could spend my time there with my friends and family.

And then when I got back to Germany, I had to print, sign and send a bunch of university applications which also took away a lot of my time.

But now that I’ve settled in and have gotten the majority of the things that are on my “to-do” list done, I can take some time to write about my very short 3 week trip to Canada aka HOME.


So I arrived in Toronto on June 16th. The flight with Condor from Frankfurt was fine and the food was actually pretty good. I had an aisle seat on the left side of the plane and even though I wasn’t right next to the window I still got Instagram worthy shots of Canada’s beautiful east coast. It was truly breathtaking.

The second I stepped out of the airport my nose started to bleed because the air was so humid, which was kind of embarrassing, but what could I have done. Literally nothing but hold a bunch of tissues and an iced lemonade from Tim Hortons to my nose and wait.

I told my mom I was craving some chocolate chip cookies (because in Germany they’re not common), so she brought a bagel, two cookies and an iced lemonade from Tim Hortons.

At around 9:00 PM, right before I got home, so on the outskirts of my city, the sun was setting. I hadn’t seen such a beautiful sunset in forever and was so happy to see it.

Obviously, there are sunsets in Germany too, but not as saturated and beautiful as the ones in Canada. My mom pulled over and told me I need to take a picture for my Instagram. I took a picture, but I didn’t upload it to my Instagram, therefore I will insert it into this post!


Week 1: Time to catch up

In the first week, I went out and caught up with a bunch of my highschool and dance friends that I hadn’t seen in forever and basically just packed up my whole entire room. For anyone who doesn’t know, my mom is moving back to Germany, so we’re packing up and moving the majority of our things to Germany.

On Saturday, I met up with friends that I’ve known since they were born. Our moms are best friends, therefore I’ve known them forever. We made a Starbucks run, looked through a book store and I got to meet their new kitten. He is adorable.

We had a barbecue with Hamburgers and delicious Salads and for dessert, exquisite cheesecakes.

That Sunday, I went out for a delicious breakfast with my best dance friends and got to catch up with them and hear about what they’re doing right now and their future plans. I had some type of breakfast sandwich with an egg and french fries on the side. It was delicious.

Next, I hung out with my best friend who was my neighbour for pretty much my whole childhood and who I’ve made so many memories with that I will seriously never forget. We went and got ice cream (I got peanut butter, because once again, peanut butter ice cream is not common in Germany) and then we just drove around and caught up!

I also gave her some Milka and Duplo Chocolate. It’s kind of become a tradition that I either bring or send chocolate from Germany. She had also given me a box of mint chocolates from a chocolate company based out of our city. They’re honestly just as good as german chocolates. Also, they were in the cutest package I’ve ever seen in my life.

As the beginning of the week got started, I met up with some high school friends that I also hadn’t seen in almost a whole year. And like every meet up I had with friends so far, we just chatted and caught up, which is perfectly fine because that’s all I wanted to do.

In between, like I said, I just cleaned out my room and packaged some boxes. I also got to spend some quality time with my cat. She’s coming to live with me in Germany in September and I’m so happy about that.

Friday night was “party” night. I caught up with a bunch of high school friends and we had a bonfire. We also had a couple of drinks and I slept over to. That night there was another beautiful sunset. So much pink and orange, it was amazing and the perfect way to end my first week in Canada.


Week 2: Family time

Week 2 was family week. My dad’s side of the family lives about 1.5 to 2 hours away so I got to spend a couple of days with my cousins and grandparents.

I was our driver for the time that I was there, which I didn’t mind because I hadn’t driven in some time. In Germany, I don’t have, nor need a car so it was fun getting to drive again.

My cousin also had her 12th grade graduation, which was very long but really cool and I’m glad I got to watch it.

I was also in Canada for Canada’s 150th birthday and got to be with them on that day. Everyone asks me if I had planned to be in Canada on Canada Day, and no I did not plan that. Flying in June is way cheaper than flying in July and it was just a coincidence that I was here on that day.

We went to my favourite Canadian City, Toronto. A band, Born Ruffians was playing at Nathan Phillips Square and we watched from the first row. I had never heard of them or heard their music before and I was pretty impressed.

After the concert, the weather took a turn and it started to pour. We had just managed to get ice cream from this “famous” ice cream store in Toronto called “Sweet Jesus”, that sells soft served with really cool over-the-top toppings.

I had gotten birthday cake and both my cousins and I were pretty disappointed. One, it was a struggle to eat and two, once you get passed the thin birthday cake layer, it’s just plain vanilla soft serve. It’s definitely not worth $5.30.

Fast forward a couple of hours and we went to Burlington and watched fireworks on the waterfront and then went home.

Toronto is my favourite Canadian city and I love spending time there. I also really love spending time on Toronto Island and am so glad I got to be there for a bit, almost every summer of my childhood!

Week 3: the final week

In the final week, I met up with a couple more of my friends. I went out for dinner a couple of times (and ordered chicken fingers and fries because again, not common), went out for ice cream and took about 5 or 6 rounds of the river in my city.

I also went shopping a couple of times got some clothes. Mostly dress shirts and t-shirts.

And honestly, that’s about it for my final week. A mix of cleaning, packing and meeting up with more friends.

The last two days were not the best though. I got sick with a fever and had to spend the last 48 hours in bed with aches and pains in my back and legs. It had gotten a little better before the flight but I was still flying with the sickness.

The flight back to Germany was ok. I moved up a row and had 1.5 seats for myself. The plane was older and it didn’t have any TVs or any movies playing, but I didn’t mind because I was so drugged up on Ibuprofen and was so out of it.

Once I landed, I took the train 3 hours to my apartment and then felt horrible. I couldn’t even stand up straight because of the fever and because I was so dehydrated. I went to bed at 6PM that night and didn’t wake up until sometime the next morning. A perfect end to my very short trip… haha.

To wrap up…

I’d say my trip back home was very good. Three weeks goes by way to quickly and I would have loved to stay an extra week or two. The saddest part about leaving is leaving my house that I lived in for 18 years! I’ll probably never sleep another night in it, which is so weird to think about.

Anyways, although that may have been my last stay at my house, it’s definitely not the last time I visit Canada. I’ll be back so often and I really want to see more of Canada. I’ve seen a lot of Ontario, but I really want to visit Vancouver, more of Quebec and maybe even some Nova Scotia.

But, for now I have to stay focused on university and then I can look further onto my future travels.

Comment down below your dream destination! 


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