Top 5 Must Have Airplane Carry-on Bag Essentials

Another travel post, yay! I’m currently sitting in the Frankfurt International Airport and am the happiest person right now. I’m flying back home to Canada. I’m so excited because I haven’t been home for about 8 months, and really miss it. I miss my home, friends, CAT and family so much!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about being here in Germany, I love it just as much. But, Canada, is home to me. I still feel like I’m just visiting Germany for an extended period of time and am going to go home soon. 

It’s just, I’ve lived in Canada for 18 years of my life, almost 2 decades, so it’ll definitely take about 2 decades maybe even more, to really have Germany feel like “home” to me. 

Since I’m travelling I thought it would be a good idea to write about my flight essentials. Things I always have with me during the flight and can’t fly without. We all travel with different things, so maybe there are some things that I have with me that you might want to bring with you next time. Who knows? Comment your essentials down below! 

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1. Cell Phone

My first essential is obviously my phone. I think this one is pretty obvious, as all of us bring our phones everywhere we go and have our eyes glued to it the majority of the time.

Most of the long-haul flights don’t have on board wifi (yet), so airplane mode is switched on meaning I can’t get internet and I have to live without Instagram for about 8 hours. Which is probably a good thing to be completely honest.

I do use the iPhone camera for artsy window pictures though. I actually got this beautiful picture of Canada’s Coast out of the window that I recently posted to my Instagram. You should check it out 😉


Picture of atlantic ocean canada newfoundland and labrador beautiful blue water instagram


2. Spotify 

Staying on the topic of cell phones. I can’t travel without Spotify. I’ve mentioned my love for Spotify in other posts and I’m sorry if it’s really annoying you, but it’s just the best music app in the world.

It’s cheap (if you’re a student, I only pay €4,99/month), it’s easy to use, and there are so many songs you can download and listen to without wifi.

I got my discount through the UNiDAYS website and you should to! Click here to sign up.

I’m currently obsessed with Lorde’s new album “Melodrama”. It’s so good and my favourite songs are Liability and Supercut.

3. Snacks 

In my carry-on bag I always have one or two snacks. Either some nuts or cookies and some type of “easy fruit”. I consider easy fruits to be apples, pears and bananas because you just have to eat and throw out or peel, eat and throw out!

I know that the flights have meals and even though I don’t usually eat the snack that’s in my bag, I just need to have one for just-in-case.

I also have a bottle of water of course and a package of gum. Bottle of water to stay hydrated and some gum to have fresh breath at all times!

Just a side thought, does anyone else not mind airplane food? I mean it’s not the best, but I don’t think it’s the worst either!

4. Sweaters & Socks

A sweater and a pair of socks aren’t typically in my carry-on bag, because I’m usually already wearing them since the temperatures in the airport are pretty cool and in the plane even cooler.

The temperatures on the plane are so low that sometimes even just one sweater and a pair of socks aren’t enough. I can’t stand the feeling of being cold, therefore having a sweater and a pair of socks is a necessity.

I found my new favourite flight sweater from Versace Jean Couture. It’s perfect because it’s nice and thin but still very warm. And for socks, I just find any thick pair in my drawer and slip those on.

Versace Jean Couture high fashion mens navy blue sweater laying on a table airplane essentials

5. Perfume/Cologne

Last but definitely not least: Perfume/Cologne, whatever you want to call it.  I obviously shower before and after I get on and off the plane but it’s still an essential for the time in between getting off the plane and getting home to a hot shower.

Also, if you’re sitting beside someone who doesn’t smell good, you should cover yourself in the perfume so it overpowers the bad smell.

I’m currently using Euphoria from Calvin Klein. It smells so good, but as you can see I’m in need of a refill.

Obviously there’s so much more I can fit into my carry-on bag like a book, but those are just my top 5 essentials. Things I always have in my bag and won’t travel without!

What can’t you travel without? Comment down below! 

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  1. July 30, 2017 / 7:36 am

    thank you for These amazing tipps,
    I love traveling but I always Forget stuff.
    Thank you for your top 5 essentials.
    All of them are really good and I will definetly pack them next time.

    with love your Amely Rose

    • Dominick Jones
      August 20, 2017 / 1:04 pm

      Thanks so much Amely!

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