Christopher Street Day: Munich Pride 2017

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Now that pride month(s) have come to an end, I thought I’d write about my Munich pride experience! I’m pretty sure pride month is June, but all the pride parades in Germany are held in July. Therefore I thought I’d wait until July is over to post this.

Anyways, Munich pride lasted a week, but the main day of events with the parade and parties was on July 15th. The weather on that day couldn’t have been any better. Hot, but overcast and then at the end of the day the sun came out to set.

This was my first intentional pride that I went to. While I was in Amsterdam with my mom and our friends, we were walking the streets of Amsterdam and all of a sudden Amsterdam Pride had started on the canals.

I must admit, Amsterdam pride was very cool and unique because of all the people partying on the boats through the canals. It’s something different, compared to all the parades with cars and floats!

Munich München Gay Schwul Pride Parade CSD Christopher Street Day 2017 Rainbow Flag infront of city hall

Off to Munich

So since I (sadly) don’t live in Munich I had to take the train into the city. A friend of mine and I took a train at 10:42AM and we met some of his friends once we got there.

Once arriving at the main station, I was kind of expecting everyone to be wearing rainbow colours and that everywhere you would look you’d see rainbow flags and posters. However, that was not the case.

In the train station and even in the “pedestrian zone” (that word sounds so much better in German, just saying) towards the Marienplatz I had no sense that pride was that day. We actually thought it wasn’t on or something because there were no signs and no one around us that looked like they were headed to the parade.

But, once we got to the city hall we finally saw a ton of happy colourful homo- & heterosexuals, a huge stage and bunch of stands. The atmosphere at that time (11:45) was already so amazing.

12:00PM: The Pride Parade

The parade had started at 12PM and my friend and I had found front row spots at the corner of Residenzstraße and Perusastraße. The spot was perfect because there weren’t any barriers infront of us and we were in the shade whenever the sun came out.

And the best part about the parade and just pride in general is, all the people. We stood in between two older groups of women, and they were all just so fun and having an amazing time laughing and dancing too.

There were so many amazing floats and trucks of people dancing and singing along to music. The drag queens were all fabulous and fierce as they walked the streets in their heels.

And of course. A parade is not a parade unless things are thrown form the floats. So many stickers, gummy bears and condoms were thrown our direction, it was crazy. A guy had actually stuffed like 40 gummy bear packages down my shirt.

My pockets were overflowing with candy and condoms.

I actually could have walked with a group, but I’m happy that I just got to watch and see everything from the side for my first pride.

The parade lasted about an hour and a half and after that we had walked over to a McDonalds and had a little something to eat. Definitely not my first food choice, but for pride day it was exception.

Also, what was really cool: Google Maps had mapped out the parade route with rainbow colours. So fun!


From about 2PM until that evening, there wasn’t really a lot to do.

There was an act of some sort on the stage every hour, so we had hung out near the front for a bit and listened, but after awhile we were both losing interest. So, we had walked around Munich for a bit, went a little shopping and tried to rejuvenate. I don’t know why, but I was so so tired and had absolutely no energy that afternoon. Hence the reason why I was near the front of the stage against the barrier with my eyes closed.

However, we did go shopping. My friend was looking for a sweater and I was looking for a shirt a little more dressier. I had only worn my Canada pride shirt with stickers all over it and didn’t really want to go out later that night wearing that.

I’d found a cheap H&M white polo, that I’d change into later that night. Me being dumb and not getting it in a bag decides to carry it all day and then get three red tomato stains over it. Smart one..

However, me being the problem solver I am, gets two stickers and a pin to cover the stains, which did it for the night.

8:00PM: Sunset

As the sun was starting to set we were both a little hungry and decided to leave the stage and get something to eat. We just got a slice of pizza and I’m 99.9% positive that, that’s how I got the stains on my polo. Even though the pizza and my fingers were no where near the shirt. Oh well, like I said.. I kind of fixed it.

We found a spot where there weren’t that many people and just talked and ate. At this point, I had finally changed and stuffed my shirt into the tiny pocket in my jacket.

We started heading back to the stage and met up with some of my friend’s friends and went and got some ice cream. Classic me gets a scoop of mango.


I feel like I’m boring people to death with these irrelevant details, so fast forward to about 11:30PM. We split from that group and met with another one of my friend’s friend. So, now a group of four of us.

My friend is close with someone who worked for the pride stage and he was able to get us back behind the stage where we could sit and chill and drink what we wanted. We had a couple of beers and chatted for a good hour.


Rathaus Clubbing


Not only could he get us behind the stage, he got us into the “Rathaus Clubbing” (City Hall Clubbing Party) which is a huge party inside Munich city hall with 4 different floors playing different types of music.

We first checked out all the floors and decided to stay on the second one. That floor definitely had the best music.

I had so much fun dancing with everyone to such good music. I did see a couple people I knew and I met so many other cool people, that I stay in touch with.

My friends had actually already decided to leave at 1:30 so they could get a train back home, but I was having so much fun I wasn’t ready to leave yet. For a total of 3 minutes I was alone, but then a group of people asked me if I wanted to join them. Which I did.

Making friends there is so easy, so don’t worry if your alone. I was considering leaving with them because I thought I was gonna be dancing on my own, but I’m so glad I stayed.

After being upstairs for 2 hours, I went with my new friends downstairs onto the main floor where there were hundreds. The main floor was the best floor, not because of the music, but because there were so many people and it was open air.

The city hall was packed until about 4:00AM. People were starting to head home and I left with a friend of mine (who I met there) at 4:30. I still had to take the train home and didn’t get to my apartment until about 6:30, therefore not getting to sleep until 7AM.

I woke up that day at 2PM getting a solid 7 hours of sleep. I’ve honestly never been so happy waking up, just because I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.

I wish I could just rewind that whole day, but there’ll be next year, which I can’t wait for. But I’ve got other things to look forward to like Oktoberfest and then the Christmas markets.


I’d say my first intentional pride was A-mazing. I had so much fun at the parade and in the city hall clubbing. I met so many people in just one night that I still talk too and I’m gonna repeat myself, I can’t wait till’ next year.


Enjoy some lovely pictures from the pride parade! Also, if you want to see videos from that day, just youtube CSD Munich 2017!

CSD munich münchen sexy six pack muscle man in orange shorts and wings handing out candy at pilot pride parade Pink Gummies CSD Munich 2017 München Funky pink drag queen posing like a model at CSD gay pride parade munich münchen Cute gay 19 year old boy posing at CSD munich münchen with gay striped rainbow canadian shirt covered in sticker holding a condom


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