Get to know me!

It’s essential for every (personal) blog to have an “About Me” page to obviously let the readers know who the author is behind each incredible and engaging post! So here…let me introduce myself and list you a bunch of  useless facts/interests that I have that you’re sure to forget in 10 minutes 🙂

Let’s first start off with the basics..

My name’s Dominick Jones, I’m 19 years old and was born and lived in Ontario, Canada for 18 years. Recently (on the 17th of July 2016) I “moved” to Germany to basically start a new chapter of my life. [Before you question… Yes, I speak fluent german because my mom is originally from Germany and she’s been speaking german to me since I was a baby.] My plan is to attend University here in Germany and study International Business and then maybe a Masters in Marketing.. not to sure about that yet though. I’ll let ya know in 3.5 years if that works out! I’m a dancer and have danced for about 12 years of my life in the style Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Acro. I’m also a vegetarian and try to lean away from dairy products because I notice that my face accumulates more acne and pimples if I eat cheese and yogurt or drink get all up and personal. It’s so hard to stay away from the dairy products though because chocolate. Chocolate here in Germany is just so good I can’t resist. You wouldn’t be able to either.

I also love travelling. I’ve be privileged to go on so many trips through Europe and have seen so many beautiful places and cities but I still haven’t seen enough. I still have a bunch places listed on my bucket list that I need to experience..Iceland is ranked at #1 and then Santorini in Greece!

Why “domijones” you ask? To be honest I just think it’s catchier and is easier to remember than Dominick Jones. In grade 7 I was nicknamed “Domi” and literally everyone in my school called me Domi, even my teachers. Now most people say “Dom” or still “Domi” or just stick with “Dominick”.. Anything works, so feel free to call me what you want.

Honestly I’m not really sure what else to write, I’ve pretty much summed up the interesting facts about me and have nothing else to say about myself. I really hope you enjoy this blog. I created it because I truly enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts, ideas, and interests. I do have a youtube channel and really love making videos but I just find it so much more fun and easier to write my thoughts. I’ll mostly be blogging in the categories of Travel, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle and Personal Updates! So click through my site and enjoy reading!