My Bucket List

Hello interested readers, you have found your way to my bucket list. This list is a compilation of places I want to visit, things I want to do and goals I want to achieve. Maybe this list will help you find some ideas for your own, or maybe you just enjoy reading others people’s lists. Whatever it is, have fun reading. And remember, life is way to short.


School, Work & Money

Graduate from a business undergraduate program

Graduate from a business-related graduate program

Get my first “real” job

Work in the fashion industry

Make my first million


Travel to:



New York City



Fly first/business class

Travel with my best friends on a plane somewhere

Fly in privat jet

Go on a cruise somewhere warm


Hit 100,000 page views a month

Post 50 blog posts

Have strong friendships with other bloggers

Make money blogging

Health, Fitness and Personal

Defined 6 pack

Try nordic skiing

Eat vegan for a week

Become vegetarian

Get married

Be in a relationship


Do any sort of modelling

Walk a runway

Make an appearance in any film or television

Be interviewed

Have a large social media following

Have a photo of mine be in a magazine


That’s my bucket list. I’ll continue to add to the list if there’s more things I want to accomplish. Or obviously, cross off, if I’ve completed one of my goals!